Horton the Elephant is the main protagonist of Horton Hears a Who (2008).

He plays as Po in Kung Fu ElephantEdit

He is a panda

He plays as Tank in A Mushu MovieEdit

He is a henchman.

He plays as Tweedle-Dum in Angel in WonderlandEdit

He and Tantor are twins.

He plays as Little John in Kovu HoodEdit

He is a bear.

He plays the Ice Cream Man in Tigress and SpikeEdit

He is a guy with ice cream.

He plays John Smith in TwilighthontasEdit

He is an explorer.

He plays as Vladimir in GiastasiaEdit

He is a Russian guy.

He plays as Mooch in Gia and the AlexEdit

He is a sheepdog.

He plays as Adult Flower in BagheerambiEdit

He is a skunk.

He played as Elephant Abu in ??? Edit

He is a royal elephant

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